• Ancient Vienna – Lake Krios
    Ancient Vienna is located about 10 km west of Palaeochora. It is a beautiful protected beach where ancient columns can be seen in the waters and on the beach. The beach is mainly rocky and sandy in places. It is protected by a row of rocks forming a small lake. There are no facilities in … Continue reading “Ancient Vienna – Lake Krios”
  • Agios Ioannis beach
    Agios Ioannis beach is southern from Kedrodasos and can be accessed through the E4 path or by boat. You can hire the boat from Elafonisi to take you to Agios Ioannis beach. Secluded and ideal for nudism.
  • Professional Massage
    A professional masseur can be arranged on request at your villa for a 60 min Shiatsu or oil massage.
  • Water Sports
    For those interested in water sports kite-surfing and paddling can be arranged in the area of Elafonisi by a professional well-known club.
  • Walking
    Livadia village is located in the middle of the European path E4- a seaside route of exceptional natural beauty- that starts at the village of Kambos and continues through the villages of Livadia, Chrisoskalitisa and Elafonisi.
  • Shiatsu
    GIVE A GIFT OF LUXURY TO YOURSELVES Shiatsu is a style of bodywork developed in Japan. Its goal is to restore the healthy flow of energy throughout the body.
  • Festivals
    The Orthodox church in the middle of Livadia village celebrates three times a year on the 5th of May, on the 27th of July and on the 1st of January. A small fair takes place on these days at the hall events of the church.
  • Boat trips
    Boat trips with Amygdalia villas private boat can also be arranged. Daily cruises to the most magnificent beaches as well as romantic trips along the coast to watch the sunset savoring a glass of champagne on board.
  • Football
    There is a football field close to the main Orthodox church in Livadia village.